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03/21/2003 Entry: "A Flimsy Friday Update"

Here's a Tama rosewood piccolo. Funny, but my desire for one of these has crashed since I bought my Bearing Edge. I hope it gets here soon. My four week wait for it is going on 12.

You are Mike Patton.

Which music god are you?
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So this weekend, I'm doing a trade show for work. It's a home and garden show. I know, an Internet company is a bit out of place there, but they get a big draw, and we get to see a bunch of "regular" people. You know, not biz people who attend trade shows, but regular folks. I'll be there 9-5 tomorrow, and 10-4 on Sunday. Then, back to work on Monday. I'm gonna be draggin'! At least I don't have a gig this weekend.

Look at this! Final meal requests for death row prisoners in Texas. Those good ol' boys really pack it away at the end. I'm sure I'd be the one to request "nothing." If I'd ever killed anyone, that is.

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You ARE Mike Patton! I like that! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 03/21/2003 09:32 PM EST

Man, I totally wanted to get Mike Patton, and everyone else got Mike Patton except for me! Fiddlesticks! I did however just get your care package. I will say it again, you are the man. And give my thanks to everyone else who signed the card. They rule too. Just not as much as you. Well... Patty is close, but Jim is a tool.... Heh... I'm kinda drunk..

Posted by mlg @ 03/22/2003 12:46 AM EST

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