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03/31/2003 Entry: "Don't let Jim have coffee"

Here's the story:

Jim was working at a friend's house. (It's a new construction.) There were no stairs between first floor and basement--they were using a ladder. Friend and Jim are both on first floor, and Jim starts down ladder. Something happens, and ladder goes down. Jim lands on cement basement floor. Since there are no stairs, friend can't get to Jim, so he goes to another section to try and get down to him. The other door is locked, so friend has to jump down to him.

Tibia and fibula are both broken. They were cast last night, but have since shifted, so they will need to be pinned. Shoulder is possibly separated/dislocated. Also has fracture in knee and ankle. Since they weren't hard breaks, those two should heal well. Break in elbow with a piece of bone floating around. Drs. are going to determine how to best fix that part.

He's in room 13, and scheduled for surgery on elbow and leg on Wednesday. Rock on, Jim!

Coffeegeeks.com. Now that's a site for coffee geeks. In fact, they recently rated espresso tampers. You know, when you get your espresso, the barista tamps the grounds down to create more pressure? Well, apparently some tampers work better than others.

I also learned about the ristretto. Take the coffee you use for an espresso shot. Cut the water in half. Do it again. Viola! Never heard of it before. Apparently, only real coffee snobs know about it. Supposedly if you ask for one at most cofee houses, they give you a short shot--but that's not what it's supposed to be. One barista from Washington state, who has been working at this one coffee bar for three years, has only had oneperson ask for one. Anyway, I should try one sometime. It sure looks good!

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I reached your site through a recommendation in Rob Cook's new The Ludwig Book for the Ghost pedal. Beautiful site!! And good to know you're doing this just for fun! Great, informative, funny.
Winnie Mensink
Amsterdam Holland

Posted by Winnie Mensink @ 04/09/2003 04:29 PM EST

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