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04/16/2003 Entry: "Death to service"

What has happened to customer service? You know the story of the drum I'm having custom made right? The one that was supposed to take 4 weeks, and we're going on 14? Then, Paddy orders a bass. It's not here yet. So he called to ask them where it was. "You're credit card expired" the vendor told him. "The inhouse credit I have from you?" he asked. "The one with the card that has no expiration date on it--that one? That's the one that expired?" Apparently. So they canceled his order. Did they call him? Nope. Email? Nadda. I guess they really don't care about selling to him. He says that he's spent about $4000 with them over the years. Now, he won't buy from them again. Then those parts I ordered for the Charlie Jones model pink sparkle drum set? Well, they were back ordered. Did they call to let me know? Nope. Email? Nadda. What's up with service? We're turning into a service economy, if you haven't heard. If you can't give it, then people will go somewhere else.

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