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04/19/2003 Entry: "What did I do today?"

Nothing of importance. It was soooo nice! We visited friends Jim and Rachelle for several hours. Came back home around 3:30pm. I took a nap for about 2 hours, and only felt slightly guilty about not raking the lawn. I made supper a while ago, and now I'm just hangin'. Having a real day off is real nice. No work, no gigs, I haven't touched a web page, or laid a finger on a macquarium. It's awesome!

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Good for you! I'm glad you had a good day!

Posted by michelle @ 04/19/2003 09:26 PM EST

Glad we could be a part of your relaxing day! Jim mentioned several times how enjoyable it is to spend time with you two. You're such fun! Jubal says hi to Julia. Maybe we could cultivate something there. Lots of Love, Jim, Rachelle, Jubal, Nolan and.....ATIRA!

Posted by Ro and Jim @ 04/21/2003 06:11 PM EST

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