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04/26/2003 Entry: "The office Freedom Toast champion"

This post was actually and inner office email I sent after the breakfast I made for the office on Thursday morning.

Cameron threw down the gauntlet yesterday. Ron was the champion toast eater, and Cameron wanted the title. He let it be known he'd be challenging Ron to a freedom toast, no-holds-barred double smack
down. Ron wasn't taking any guff from the new kid, and was up to the challenge. The odds were on Ron. After all, he had a proven track record, and, as General Manager Mike Young said, "Four hollow legs."

8am. Cam shuffles in, ready to begin. "What's the record?" Paddy pages out on the phone system. I had to check my records. As of October or so of last year, it was Ron: 13 slices of toast. Cam begins slowly, with only two pieces. Apparently, he just wanted to get the juices flowing. Over the next hour and a half, Cam eats 12 slices of french toast. The last 4 went down with no syrup at all. He was saving room. "Give me two more" Cam says. They also went down dry. Cam was at 14--one more than Ron's title.

10am. Ron shows up for his day. I've already got four slices ready to go for him. By the time I have the next four slices done, Ron's already ready for them. "You want more?" I ask. "I'll take four more" he says. 10:20am Ron's finished his 12 slices. He's full he says. Just full--not feeling sick. (Not feeling sick after a dozen slices of french toast???) "I'll take two more" he says. "That way, I'll tie with Cam."

"I'll take two more!" says Cam. "I have to have the record."

"If he's going to have two more, I'm going to stop" says Ron. "No need to make my self sick."

And so, after 2 1/2 hours, Cam bested the old record, downing 16 slices of Freedom Toast, equal to one loaf (or 1lb, 8oz) of Canadian White. He reports he doesn't think he'll be eating lunch.

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