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04/29/2003 Entry: "Just some stuff"

Here's some funny stuff that came up at the office yesterday.

Are you familiar with the story of Onan? He was charged, under Jewish law, to sire a child for his brother, who had died and was left without an heir. So he did as he was supposed to, but, um, didn't finish the deed, so to speak. And so, God killed him. (Interestingly, the Catholic church has used this passage to show the "sinfulness" of masturbation. Of course, the Bible story has nothing to do with masturbation, but hey, why would we want to teach what the Bible actually says? )

Anyway, JP mentioned that there is a company who builds portable generators whose name is Onan. Their parent company? CUMMINS! I'm not making it up! Click the link, it's true!!!

Back in the early 70s, Ludwig released a series of really wild colors. The Psychedelic Red lasted the longest, maybe 5-6 years. Just a couple of years ago, Ludwig reintroduced the psychedelic red color. Mod Orange was a swirling of orange, yellow, and purple. It is the second most rare of the phunky phinishes. But not unheard of; a drum shop here in Maine has one for sale, in fact. The rarest of the wackies is Citrus Mod. How rare is it? Well, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick owns one, and Frank Beard of ZZ Top purportedly owns one. On ebay a while back, some guy was selling a bunch of snare drums. In the background of one of the pictures, you could see a Citrus Mod snare. (It was not for sale.) Even then, just a shot of a Citrus Mod drum was enough to get the vintage drum community buzzing. For many, including me, this was the first time we ever saw Citrus Mod, with it's swirling lime and lemon, and a little red thrown in. So what do you think happened when this showed up on ebay? The seller is well known, and a nice guy. He started this auction with an opening bid of $1, with no reserve! That's gutsy, my friends.

Blood types, and how they work. I'm O-, as is only 7% of the population. O- can give blood to anyone, including 0+. But, we can't receive O+ -- just O-. Luckily, my dad is O-. Why did this come up? I have no idea.

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