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05/10/2003 Entry: "Quite a scare last night"

Got home around 11pm after the girl scout DJ gig last night. Came in, kissed the wife. I looked in the cage of Ben Kenobi, the hermit from across the dune sea. I thought he was dead! He looked like he had just fallen out of his shell. "I think Ben's dead," I said to Susan. "What!" she exclaimed. "He was just moving around earlier." Her eyes started to puddle. I looked in his cage. Behind his body was some juicy looking orange stuff. I thought to myself "My goodness, his body split in half!" That's when I realized what happened--he shed. His old skin was in front, and his new pinky self was in behind. Yea! He's ok! So, were supposed to keep him extra moist for the next 10 days, and leave him undisturbed. And we leave the old skeleton behind so he can eat it; eating the old skeleton gives him extra calcium.

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