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05/16/2003 Entry: "Custom Choppers"

My boss Mike and I were taking a ride down to the garage of my Big Boss (JP) a couple of days ago. Mike began telling me about this show on the Dicovery Channel about custom motorcycles. Now i like motorcycles as much as the next guy. I can ride one ok, but I've never owned one, nor do I have a license. It just not a super desire within me. But I thought the show sounded interesting. The show features various custom motorcycle builders, and one was Orange County Choppers. (Now I know Orange County Drums and Percussion out of California. This Orange County is different; it's in New York, I think.) So I poked around their site, and they had some cool stuff. Then I found this. If there ever was a Billy Rhythm model motorcycle, this would be it. The yellow is awesome! (I love yellow, as you can tell from my Gretsches.) And, the cool 40's lines are just what I need. Imagine me in my zoot suit on that?! I could!

(Oh, and nephew Eben: check out the Spiderman bike and the Riddler bike.)

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Bike is nice. If you want one, let me know. Carls son is a dealer. (in bikes that is) Rock on!!

Posted by Dad @ 05/16/2003 07:07 PM EST

You are too much dude!! Have a wonderful weekend!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 05/16/2003 08:24 PM EST

I want that Riddler Bike! I want that one!

Posted by Eben @ 05/17/2003 11:31 AM EST


Posted by Jim @ 05/17/2003 07:00 PM EST

"with great power comes great responsibility" I will be real happy with Spiderman bike.

Posted by Al Castillo @ 05/21/2003 09:22 AM EST

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