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05/20/2003 Entry: "On the death of my friend Ben"

I first got him on September 4, 2001. He was a gift from my sister, her husband, and my nephew Eben. He was, and I am serious, the best hermit crab I ever had. He was lively, and he was fun. We got along wonderfully together. He'd run around on me, on the table, wherever. He was gentle with Julia. He played with the kitty. And now, my hermit crab Ben Kenobi has died. A year and a half. That's a good run, isn't it? I mean, he wasn't a dog or cat--he was a crab! I found another crab lover on the web who had the same problem as me. He had three crabs that molted, were ok for a couple of weeks, and then died. So was the life of Ben Kenobi, the hermit from across the dune sea. I won't be getting another soon, if ever. Ben would just be too hard to replace.

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So sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. They enrich our lives in numerous ways. I will miss reading about him.

Posted by Gina @ 05/20/2003 10:36 AM EST

Ben's brother, Ebeneezer, passed away about a month ago. Eben misses him terribly. We never caught him molting--not sure what the problem was...

Posted by Lisa @ 05/20/2003 02:46 PM EST

How was that crab meat sandwich you had today by the way? Did you say that was homemade?

Posted by Jim @ 05/20/2003 07:27 PM EST

There goes Jims chances of me buying him a crab.

Posted by Dad @ 05/21/2003 08:39 PM EST

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