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05/27/2003 Entry: "Fried dough and Caleb"

Ma invited us down to have fried dough last night. For those not familiar with this tradtional fair food, it really is just fried dough. Ma uses frozen bread dough. Let it rise. Cut it into chucks and deep fry it. Add toppings. Traditional toppings include butter, powdered sugar, and cinnamon. Alternate toppings include jam or maple syrup. Really left field toppings might include chocolate syrup--my personal favorite. I decided to use some of the Chocolate Nirvana that Paddy got me for my birthday last year. I really liked this combonation. And, doing my duty as an uncle, and hoping to groom a soon to be chocolate lover, I gave Caleb a taste off my finger. Boy, did he sure seem to like that! Maybe my sister will let me scan the photos for posting when they come back.

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