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06/02/2003 Entry: "Quizes I've already taken"

The geek test has been making the rounds here at the office. Paddy was upset because he scored higher than (who we previously thought) uber-geek Ron. Here's geek quiz #2. After I'd taken it, and seen the results, I realized I'd already taken it. It looks like I've become less geeky, though...

You are 36% geek
You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.

Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

Take the What High School
Stereotype Are You?
quiz, by Angel.

Of course, I had already taken that one too. A year ago!

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

You are 25% geek
OK, so maybe you ain't a geek. You do, at least, show a bit of interest in the world around you. Either that, or you have enough of a sense of humor to pick some of the sillier answers on the test. Regardless, you're probably a pretty nifty, well-rounded person who gets along fine with people and can chat with just about anyone without fear of looking stupid or foolish or overly concerned with minutiae. God, I hate you.

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

Posted by Jim @ 06/02/2003 09:22 PM EST

Did that thing say that Jim is well rounded?? We all know He's crazy!

Posted by Susan @ 06/04/2003 11:14 PM EST

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