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06/03/2003 Entry: "Drums and fire engines. Is there anything else?"

Yum! The Tama Cretstar was only made for a couple of years. It was the same basic drum as the Granstar, except the Granstar was covered with a plastic covering, and the Crestar was lacquered. A year or two later, the Crestar line was renamed Granstar Custom. So to have a badged Crestar kit is quite rare. (Sadly, I used to have a Crestar catalog. I didn't collect drum catalogs then, so I threw it away!) And, to have it in my favorite color--Heather Metallic--(I also liked Lipstick Red) is also rare.

You know, Honey, Fathers Day is coming!

Speaking of Fathers Day gift giving... Really now. I've already got Dad's Fathers Day present. I can't wait for him to get it!

Man, did lunch fill me up today. I had the European box lunch from the Pastry Garden. 3oz of proscuitto (which is a lot; it's like $10 per pound), gorgonzola, fontina, melon, focaccia, and a slice of onion tart. Brrp. Luckily, Paddy made some espresso to cut through it all, or I'd be rolling around the office.

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you do realize dont you that the truck is the same age as your father. I will agree that it is in better shape. Have a good one.

Posted by Dad @ 06/03/2003 08:57 PM EST

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