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06/06/2003 Entry: "Sonny True"

Just got of the phone with Sonny True. Seems he needed a drummer for a last minute gig. Alas, they tasty grooves of Billy Rhythm have already been spoken for. Otherwise, I'd of gone. Billy Rhythm: have cash, will travel.

And do you know what Sonny said of me? "The biggest thrill has been playing with drummers like Bill Batty..." Aw, man, you make me blush!

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Hooooly Mooooly!

Posted by Jim @ 06/06/2003 08:43 PM EST

Makes me happy that we have allowed you to make your parents famous. I even mailed something at UPS the other day and was recognized as billy rhythm's father. Feels good.

Posted by Dad @ 06/08/2003 08:49 PM EST

Hey man! Long time no see. I'm sorry I have not been around lately. There has been a lot going on and unfortunately I have not been keeping up with the blogging. No excuse. I am back! :P

Posted by michelle @ 06/09/2003 08:15 PM EST

I can't blame your Dad for being proud! You're a good man, and obviously an excellent musician! :)

Posted by Maria @ 06/10/2003 11:33 AM EST

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