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06/17/2003 Entry: "The later explanation"

John's surgery went fine. All the cancer was contained in the kidney, so it looks like everything will be a-ok, thank God.
Back in the early days of midcoast.com, billing day was quite an event. All the staff would gather together to fold bills, stuff envelopes, and lick stamps. At lunch time, the boss would buy everyone pizza.

Things are slightly different now. A machine folds the bill, stuffs it in the envelope, and seals it closed. Another machine puts postage on the envelope. Billing day now takes 3 people 6 hours or so. Still, the boss buys lunch for everyone. Of course, it's not always pizza. A few months ago, we tried Chinese for everyone. And of course, during the summer,we cook out on the grill. But since Paddy just came back from Sheboygan, we had a Brat fry. Boy was it good! (Huge picture, for those of you on dial-up.)

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