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06/28/2003 Entry: "A little bit of a change"

So as you can see, there's been a bit of a change around here. I was randomly surfing links off of Maria's page. So many people were running so many good looking pages. So many people run Moveable Type, and there are so many cool mods for it. I'm still so green at HTML, I can't bear to think what I would kill with CSS and MySQL. So I run Greymatter, and I'm happy with it, don't get me wrong.

So anyway, I got inspired looking at all these cool sites, so I decided to search for blog templates--to get some ideas, you know. Well, I stumbled across Tart Graphics. (The link is PG-13, so don't visit if a) you get offended by the beauty of the human body, or b) there are little kids running around.) They've done some really beautiful layouts with some rather adult themes. And yet, they're beautiful--not pornographic. So the one I stumbled on first referenced a Poe poem. And of course, I love Poe. (The actual template is here: Again, PG-13) So, as you can see, I ripped it off. I even found a cool Poe quote that worked with the page. It's from The Bells: "Keeping time, time, time, / In a sort of Runic rhyme." So, thanks to the Tart for the inspiration.

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It definitely is pretty to look at. If I'm honest though, it's a little bit harder for me to read the blue on black. It may be just me...I really do like the look of it though--really "smooth". (If that makes any sense.)

Posted by Lisa @ 06/28/2003 08:14 PM EST

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