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06/28/2003 Entry: "Italian vs the Diner"

A couple of weeks ago, Susan, Julia, and I went to an Italian restaurant the next town over. One of Sue's friends recommended it. Susan had veal parm, and Julia and I each had spaghetti and meatballs. The results? Eh. The meatballs were good. There was way too much sauce on everything. After I finished, there was still enough sauce on my plate for another serving. Really! And the price? It was like $11.50 for spaghetti. To high, in my book. Total for the night was about $40. No desert, and Julia was the only one who had a soda.

So last night, we went to the quintessential Maine diner: Moodys. I had two eggs, sausage, home fries, and toast. Susan has veal parm (and liked it better than the Italian place). Julia had fried scallops--the most expensive meal of the night! We were too full for desser, but bought a couple of huge cream puffs for later. Total? $30. We got fed better, got desert, and it was still $10 buck cheaper. There's something to be said for home cookin'!

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