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06/29/2003 Entry: "Look what turns up in the guestbook"

I'm going to be pulling the plug on the guestbook due to spam. But look what got put in it today:

"I'm hoping I have the correct guestbook where I can write about "Wellman's Drum". It's beautiful and the reason for doing it is too. Wellman was my third cousin twice removed. LOVED to listen to him play that fiddle. Have some audio and video tapes of him and lots of stories to go with them...Thanks for sharing...Lorna Hupper Faircloth
Lorna Hupper Faircloth

Thank you very much, Lorna. Glad to do it. By the way--how'd you find me?

(For those of you who don't know: the story of Wellman.)

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WOWZERS!!!! The new design is just awesome!!! I love the colors, and it's so sleek!! Excellent job Billy!! :o)

Posted by Maria @ 06/30/2003 07:59 PM EST

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