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07/11/2003 Entry: "Once again, proof!"

It always happens. I save a little money. I look at drums. There's nothing on the 'bay. So I use the money for something else. As soon as the money's gone, a snare I'd really like to have shows up for a super great price. It happens every time. (Note to self: when you have a couple of extra bucks, pretend to spend it. Then wait. Then pick up the drum you want once it shows up on ebay with the money you didn't really spend.)

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I enjoyed your page. I found it while searching for info on Ghost pedal parts. I used to live in the Portland area and really miss Maine (not in the winter). I'm now playing congas and assorted shakers & bells in a blues/rock band and was using a Ghost pedal with a cowbell adapter. It finally gave up the ghost and I'm looking for some spare parts. Got any ideas? I need the linkage and axles from the board to the beater yoke. Also, the holes on the end of the board and the yoke (that hold the previously mentioned linkage) are enlarged. What can be done about that? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thannks, Buck
PS. I used to play in the Portland area in the mid 70s and had some of the best fun of my life.I still have an old friend on Deer Isle and i keep threatening to show up for a visit!

Posted by buck brossman @ 07/14/2003 01:42 PM EST

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