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07/23/2003 Entry: "Billy Rhythm Mobile"

I like having a pick-up. They're very handy, and they're great for carrying drums. But I haven't really bonded with my current truck, White Lightin'. I did have a bond with my first truck, The Blue Turd, as we knew her. That truck was a work truck. No headliner, no head rest, no interval wipers, no nothing. But she treated me well for $1900. Anyway, I feel I need a Billy Rhythm mobile. Here are some options:

The fire truck. Sure, impractical. But I've always wanted one, so why not get one? Other than they're big, bad mileage, and no place to put drums. Other than that, they're very cool. (Now I know fire trucks are made to be around heat, but this is crazy!)

The old station wagon. How about a homely nine passenger Chevy Impala? That suits my style, that's for sure. And you'd know that was me coming down the road.

The Hearse. Really. Fairly affordable. Always loaded. Easy driving miles. Heck, they even got curtains in the back! And rollers--drums roll in and out easily. This one already has cool paint, but I'd really like purple with silver metallic flakes. Something a little older would get me some super-groovy lines, though. Yeah, I can see me driving that...

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