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07/26/2003 Entry: "Good morning, frineds!"

A few little changes to the site. The most notable should be the random quote generator. It was down at the bottom of the page. I feel it says some really cool things about me, and felt bad that probably not too many people see it. So I've put it at the top. Let me know if you like it.

Also, I updated what I was reading and watching. That's always a little behind. But hey, you get an idea, at least. I've got about a dozen CDs in the truck at all times, and of course tons in the house. The CD listed in the listening section is just the last item I happen to remeber listening too. And since I've got to travel to my gig tonight, that Shawn Colvin CD will be out, and 12 new CDs will be in.

So my gig on the M/V Monhegan went well. The Uptown Rhythm Kings left the dock about 11am. We headed straight out of Rockland harbor, and went due east towards Vinalhaven. The ocean didn't appear to the eye to be very rough, but boy were there some big swells. We'd roll side to side far enough so you couldn't see the horizon over the gunwale. My drumset tipped over. Paddy had to put his foot on the kick to keep it upright. Once we got into the Fox Island Thoroughfair (the straight between the two islands on the map, with North Haven to the, uh, north, and Vinalhaven below that) things calmed down. Then we headed for Camden Harbor. With the wind behind us, this leg was easy going. Turning around in Camden haror, we headed for home. Now the wind is blowing hard of our port side, and it's blowing hard! Hold on, and start battenin' down everything. We pull into port, and the sky is getting really dark. We start haulin' gear off the boat as fat as we can. I'm the last one off, of course, being the drummer. I put the last drum in the truck seconds before the rain came down. In the time it took me to drive home from the boat (about 1 mile) it was pouring! Thunder and lightning! Yea! A real thunderstorm! The first good one of the year.

So, we played for 5 1/2 hours, had a great time, everyone loved the music, and made really good money. (In fact, it's the most I've ever made for a single gig as a drummer, I think.)

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I like having it at the top better, I was always forgetting to look at the bottom.

Posted by beloved @ 07/26/2003 11:13 AM EST

Hey, watch who yo be callin' a frined!

Posted by paddy @ 07/28/2003 02:03 PM EST

Soyyr about thta. Dyslexia, know ya.

Posted by BR @ 07/28/2003 02:09 PM EST

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