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07/29/2003 Entry: "Ludwig Colors"

We've talked before about the wild colors Ludwig put out in the 70s: Psychedelic Red, Mod Orange, and Citrus Mod. Citrus Mod is wicked rare. I could count the drums I've seen pictures of on two hands. I've never seen it in real life.

Ludwig reintroduced Psychedelic Red a couple of years ago. Of the 3 wild 70s colors, it was the most common, and made the most number of years. Back in the 70s, there were about three variations of Psych Red, each a little different--most notably, the amount of green swirled in.

Now, Ludwig is going to reintroduce Mod Orange. This picture came from explodie. He's a guy who hangs out on the vintage drum sites, and was the one who sold the citrus mod set a few months back. It seems Ludwig had a set at a drum show, and explodie bought the display. Now it's for sale on ebay. Here's something strange about the color, to me, at least. All the mod orange drums I've seen have had the purple faded from the sun. So it really looked orange. The re-release has way more purple than I imagined.

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Hi Billy,

Your website caught my eye when I was doing a search for "Ludwig Mod Orange" after hearing all the buzz about a reissue. I happen to own a 1967 Mod Orange kit with very little fading (just one side of the floor tom). I was shocked and somewhat disapointed when I heard Ludwig was actually following through with the reissue. But I'm not so worried after seeing the finish they're using as "Mod Orange." Most of the original sets I've seen the purple has faded to a light grey. However, the amount of purple they're using in the reissue is excessive. Not to mention all the colors look choppy compared to the tight and fluid swirls on the original. I don't think Ludwig ever issued a matching snare drum in Mod Orange either. I've only seen one in my life, and that was a different snare drum recovered with some found or recycled Mod Orange wrap. Just wanted to share my knowledge and opinion on the subject. Keep up the cool site.

take care,

Posted by Mark Dawson @ 08/05/2003 01:15 PM EST

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