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08/01/2003 Entry: "Religon, quizes, and poetry"

Interesting results from my quiz... Two things struck me right off. First, my beloved Susan answered every drum question wrong! She thinks I have more drum sets than I do. Looks like it's time for me to sneak one into the house! :-) Also, there's one particular question that very few people are getting right. And, so far, those who've gotten it wrong have all picked the same wrong answer. Interesting, no?

Find Your Warped Personality
this quiz was made by mysti

Not really feelin' that one...


find your poetry style
this quiz was made by mamaslyth

That one's a little more on track. One slight problem though. The example given is mostly iambic tetrameter. A true Shakespearian sonnet is iambic pentameter.

"Oh why, my muse, oh why will not you grant
But one good line to sign above my name."

--first two lines of an ok sonnet I wrote years ago. Iambic Pentameter is ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM, ba-DUM.

Would Jesus eat chocolate if it were available to him? It's a question that came up at work today. My thoughts? Sure he would. It's not what goes into a persons mouth that makes them unclean, it's what comes out. The other angle was no, he wouldn't eat it, as it's too of-the-flesh, not necessary for the body, and is mostly fat. Your thoughts?

Also, I was doing some other Biblical research online, notably dealing with the rapture of the Church. In so doing, I've discovered there are a lot of religious freaks on the web, spewing forth all kinds of nonsense, and none of it Biblical. When in doubt, I go to the Book. What's it say in there? That's what I'll go with, thank you, not some twerp giving real Christians a bad name on some Geocities web site.

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Be fair now Billy, poor Susan can't keep up with all the drums you have! :op

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! :)

Posted by Maria @ 08/02/2003 12:21 PM EST

Thanks Maria! That's what I think too!:)

Posted by beloved @ 08/05/2003 08:32 AM EST

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