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08/05/2003 Entry: "Bourbon and tacos at work for lunch???"

Jim Beam warehouse destroyed in fire. Jim Beam is the parent company of Bookers--my fav! Hope that wasn't the storage for that!

I worked in our Damariscotta office today. One of the guys there is on vacation. Very weird place to work. You'll go an hour without a phone call. Then, all four lines will light at once! You'll get throught that rush, and then silence. This afternoon, four customers brought their computer in to be worked on. All within 5 minutes of each other! They all sat and waited. I quipped "Have a seat please, the technician will be with you shortly." In the Rockland ofice, it's usually more of a constant stream. Until something breaks!

Lunch today? Paco's Tacos. Here, I made a big mistake. I ordered a chicken supreme burrito. And, since I was hungry, I ordered a taco too. All to go. I sat out in the parking lot to eat lunch. You'd think that was a mistake, but no. No, I ate the taco first. It was very good. So then I went in after the burrito. Holy crikey! This thing weighed 50 pounds! It was big. My belly wasn't big enough, believe it or not. All afternoon, I was just a moanin'. Note to self: one burrito at Paco's is enough.

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I tolds you ...

Posted by Paddy @ 08/06/2003 08:50 AM EST

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