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08/08/2003 Entry: "Fire engines and music"

Do you want an update on the fire engine? Sure, you all do. Here's what's up. I called the chief of South Thomaston's fire department, and talked to him about the truck. I may take a test drive on Sunday. I called my insurance company. They, of course, had no idea how to insure a vintage fire engine. So they're calling me back. Progressive doesn't do vintage vehicles. I called my mechanic in Somerville. He's a volunteer firefighter, and into all things old. He said he'd be happy to work on it. I tried to contact a vintage fire engine restorer in the area, but his answering machine takes 5 second messages. So I'll need to shoot him an email. Storage is the next big problem. I need a place to store her year round, and someplace I can get to her easy enough if I want to take her for a spin.

Mind, this is not a done deal. I could go either way at this point. I'd like to have it, but still. And whenever I have a doubt, one of you comes up and says "Dude, you should totally get it. Don't think with your head--use your heart." So, it is pretty tempting.


Don't forget to come see Spork at The Black Pearl Saturday night. We'll play a Jazz set from 9-10, and a little blues and rock from 10-11.


I've got the tunes ripped for my "Meet Billy Rhythm via the Songs He Loves" CD. I'm still going to make a nice little jacket, letting you know artist, title, and why I love the song kinda thing. Let me know if you'd like one. Be sure to include your address.

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