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08/10/2003 Entry: "More Fire Engine Madness"

I drove the fire engine today. It's a big truck. As fire engines go, it's not huge. But you'll take up all your side of the road. You've got to double clutch it, and the tranny isn't synchro-ed, so I ended up grinding a bunch of gears. And, it's got a two speed rear end, which I'd never driven before. And while you're driving 'er, you'd better stay on your toes. The test drive really made me think again about the practicallity of owning a fire engine. Just what will I do with this thing? Sure, it would be cool to preserve a piece of history, but I'm not sure I'm the right guy for the job. Do I have the time and money to see everything through?

Just more to ponder.

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But then you'd be able to brag about how you can operate a non-syncro transmission!

Posted by jp @ 08/10/2003 03:19 PM EST

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