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08/15/2003 Entry: "Jazz and Cemeteries"

So Billy Rhythm and the Uptown Rhythm Kings played a rare daytime gig this noon. Had many people stop by--I appreciate you all. My wife and daughter stopped by as well. As I frequently do (or whenever I get to be the leader at the gig), I did a little speech: "This song is my favorite ballad of all time. I love it so much, in fact, I named my daughter after it. This song, then, is "My Funny Valentine." Someone in the crowd said "That's such a derogatory song! Do you know what the words are?" I didn't bother to answer. And yes, I do know the lyrics. To me the lyrics say "Honey, you may not have movie star looks, and you may not be a Einstein, but I love you just as you are, and you should keep it that way." They're not derogatroy at all--unless you read them wrong.

In any event, here's a picture of us at the gig. Patrick "Paddy" Rowling on bass (far left), me playing the Charlie Jones "Big PinK" drum kit, and Dave "Not From the Five" Clarke on guitar on the right.

Dig this. Another lover of the graveyards. And, it's the same person from whom I stole my site layout idea. It's really given me inspiration to do my graveyard photo work. Maybe I could use the fire engine as my work mobile... Plenty of storage...

Replies: 2 people have rocked the mic!

The lyrics are nice but the girl is the bestest ever. She has my heart as well.

Posted by Gramp @ 08/15/2003 09:25 PM EST

I couldn't tell if that comment was a well intended joke or rabid feminism. Maybe a little of both.

Posted by Jim @ 08/16/2003 11:37 AM EST

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