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09/09/2003 Entry: "Continual Jimmies"

You know those chocolate thingys that you sometimes have on ice cream cones? What do you call them? Sprinkles, or Jimmies? It was quite a discussion at work today. I had heard that the term Jimmie was racist, as only the brown ones were jimmies, and the rest were called sprinkles. Well, it appears that the Boston Globe did a study, and found no evidence of that. They did find though that the Just Born company (the ones who make Peeps) trademarked the name "jimmies." Supposedly, the guy who ran the machine was named Jimmy Bartholomew. Good. At least now I'm not a racist when I order jimmies.

Wanna fry your brain? Discuss continuosly, continually, cotillion, and constantly. Lemme tell you, after you say "continually" about 50 times, your brain will start to freak, and you won't be sure you're actually saying it correctly. For the record, continously has breaks in it, while continually happens all the time.

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Will you stop? You are continually talking about this!

Posted by Jim @ 09/10/2003 10:09 PM EST

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