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09/11/2003 Entry: "Shooting with Jim"

We had such fun shooting .22s at the company picnic last weekend, Jim and I decided to go back again tonight. It was a classic man's night: guns, trucks, and cigars. Too bad I forgot the lighter. I took my truck through the rocky and muddy path. Four wheel drive would've been nice, but wasn't nessecary. Still, I got a tree branch stuck in my undercarriage on the way in. Then, I rubbed up against a tree on the way out, and scraped up White Lightnin' a little. (Really, if you've seen White Lightnin' you know--no big loss!) And, the little rust patch above the wheel well fell out. No biggy. Jim says he can buff out the scrape, and the rust patch needed to be fixed again anyway. I've made an appointment with the mechanic for the begining of next week.

I shot pretty well for not having shot in a long time. This target shows 10 rounds kneeling, 10 rounds prone. The 4-5 rounds in the upper right were from my first 10 kneeling shots. I lowered the sights a click, and put the prone 10 all in the black. That little Ithaca is a cool little falling block single shot. My grandfather (Father) bought me that gun as my first rifle. It's got a sweet little trigger on it. Nice and light. And it's a small gun. A real hoot to shoot.

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