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09/18/2003 Entry: "Child is father to the man, cars are destined for the grave yard"

Remember that car I found while digging in the yard over vacation? Well, I posted a message over at the Matchbox Collector's Community Hall Within hours I had responses from the great people over there. It seems the car is modeled after a 1942 Chrysler Thunderbolt Show Car. It was an experimental roadster, and Tootsietoy made a model of it. This one guy, Bill (so you know he's cool) even a picture of it in a collector book. How cool is that!

Upstairs in the office, Gina sits across from me in the next room. We both share that somewhat morbid penchant for grave yards. She was telling me about some cool and interesting sites she visited, and I mentioned I wanted to someday visit the grave of the unnamed baby in Rockport. (If I remember the story, a dead child was found abandoned, and the town gave it a proper burial, but of course without a name. I decided to do a quick google search, and typed in "unnamed baby grave rockport maine." I was literally speechless with what I found.

In more great and freaky news, I found out today that my brother is moving to South Carolina. My mom left word on the answering machine.

"Your brother is going to move down with Dave. He'll be by at 7:30 to say good-bye to you all."

That was at 7am. He's going down to try at get it together. I pray he does.

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I love finding cool stuff!

Posted by michelle @ 09/19/2003 10:39 AM EST

Child Is Father To The Man, is one of my top 5 favorite albums ever.

Posted by mlg @ 09/20/2003 10:48 PM EST

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