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09/20/2003 Entry: "We sell Internet, people!"

A rather slow Saturday at the office. The 12 o'clock flashers were out in force, though. People wanted me to help them:

a) Teach them how to make a defrag work.
b) Make their iMac print only page 1 of a 2-page doccument.
c) Translate some WinXP error about why some syntax wasn't right in the startup settings.

Um, you know, really this isn't my thing. If your Internet is broke, I can help. I can make a defrag work, but it's not up to me to teach you how to do it over the phone. Y'know?

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I think we also work on furnaces and such don't we? Maybe that is just Barry.

Posted by Jim @ 09/21/2003 09:23 PM EST

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