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09/26/2003 Entry: "Friday Quizes"

The Coffee Test

The Realist

Dark, strong, genuine. Is that you or your coffee? To the casual observer, there's really no difference. How you take your coffee provides people with a small window into your personality. Here's what one might see...

Straightforward and uncomplicated, your coffee-style says that you approach daily tasks and the world at large with realistic expectations and a no-nonsense attitude. You don't sugarcoat things, and you definitely don't beat around the bush. Bells and whistles aren't your style. You take comfort in routine, and you might get a little flustered when big change looms on the horizon. You're reliable and dependable. If someone had to pick an advisor or confidant based solely on his/her coffee preference, you would be at the top of the list. Most likely, you value truth and sincerity above all and lead a reflective life.

Which Sylvia Plath Poem Am I?

by scintilla

I rigged that one! I aswered very darkly, and not always honestly. I wonder what the other choices were... So, I rigged the answers and found you might be Cut, Daddy, Lady Lazarus (I know those), Mirror, or Love Letter (can't recall those).

Replies: 3 people have rocked the mic!

I am "Love Letter". Do you have a copy of it?

Posted by Lisa @ 09/26/2003 06:25 PM EST

Um, yeah sis. Click the link of the words Love Letter...

Posted by BR @ 09/27/2003 09:32 AM EST

I also am Love Letter

Posted by beloved @ 09/27/2003 05:19 PM EST

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