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10/04/2003 Entry: "What a wild few days!"

So of course Susan's been gone to the Women of Faith conference in Connecticut since about noon Thursday. So I've been full-time Daddy since then. Julia's been terrific! You couldn't ask for a better behaved child. Even yesterday, when I was changing oil in the cars--she didn't want to help, and her friends were still in school (she only goes to half day kindergarten). Still, she climbed in the back of my truck, and built a little house amongst the drum cases, and played by herself, happily, for an hour. Yesterday and today she helped me wash windows. She's always picked up when I asked her to. Just great!

Last night, we had a "party," she and I. She didn't get the balloons she wanted, but we did go to McDonalds like she wanted, and we watched Barbie and Swan Lake, like she wanted. She got to stay up late, and lasted 'til 9:15 before she said she was too tired to go on. This morning, we had a good breakfast to re-group: sausage, holes-in-the-middle, coffee and orange juice. She's now gone swiming with Mack and Amy for the afternoon, which allowed me to go to the dump.

I'm listening to some vinyl that Chick gave a few months back. Buddy Rich and his band. It's in remarkably good shape. Especially after a vacuum on the Record Doctor. I lent my record cleaning machine to a friend a couple of months ago. He's a record collector, and I mentioned this machine enthusiastically. I said "This $200 record cleaner is one of the best improvements in sound for the dollar." He scoffed. I lent him the machine. He's a convert now! So for two months, I've been cleaning only with a dry brush that Jim gave me. As soon as I got the machine back, I put a piece of vinyl on there I had been listening too, only dry brushed. It sounded so much better after a vacuum, you would hardly believe it. But it's true. A record vacuum is a must have for good vinyl collections.

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I love mine. When I get in a position to do so I am going to get one of those sweet VPI machines. That should last me till the grave.

Posted by Jim @ 10/05/2003 09:13 AM EST

I am looking for a clamp for a Ghost Bass Drum Pedal! Do you have one for sale or know where I can get one? Please Advise! Thanks.

Posted by drummerman62 @ 10/10/2003 10:24 PM EST

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