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11/05/2003 Entry: "Baby Names and 9-Ball"

9-ball. I'm great at it. How great? Here's the scenario. After lunch yesterday, Paddy and I visited the new toy store here in town. They had a little pool table set up. Somebody had stolen the 8-ball, plus a couple of others, so we didn't have a full rack. We decided we'd have to play 9-ball. Paddy racked 'em up. I broke. I sunk the 9-ball on the break--automatic win! I'm going to have to start snookering actual cash out of people.

Last night, somewhere, I heard a great name for a girl (should Susan and I have another child). What was it? I don't remember. Where did I hear it? Not sure. All I remember was that, like Julia, it's an older name you don't really see much anymore, but not so old it sounds dated (like Prudence or Mehetabel).

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You need a cool pool player name (or "nom de plummer" as Minnesota Fats used to say). Something like "Sprucehead Red" or "the Pinetree Poleaxe." Oh! I got it! "The Frameworker!"

Posted by Paddy @ 11/06/2003 09:03 AM EST

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