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11/11/2003 Entry: "Cocomotion!"

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Chocolate. Oh, how I love it. Dark is the way I like to go, but milk's fine too. Bittersweet, semi-sweet, as long as it's decent quality, it doesn't really matter to me. Why, I even like to drink it. Hot cocoa I'm talking here. And who has the best? For me, it's McDonalds. Their hot cocoa is so rich and yummy. Too bad here in Rockland, the Mickey D's cocoa machine is continualy broken. Well, not really too bad, but it is yummy cocoa.

I think it was my sister Lisa who bought my brother Mike the Cocomotion. I know, it seems silly. A $35 machine that does nothing but make hot chocolate. I have one of those ice tea makers, and it doesn't see much use. But this hot cocoa machine is something different. Yes, it uses milk instead of water. And, that makes a difference, but to me, the difference was never enough to warrant heating milk instead of water. Water from the kettle was fine, and a little milk added richness if desired. The Cocomotion also uses 50% more cocoa mix. So, if you're making four cups of cocoa, you use six packets of mix. So, more chocolate can't hurt, right? But I think the magic of the thing comes from the mixing disc. It actually whips the hot chocolate into existance, not just mix. When it's done, there's this chocolatey head (for beer drinkers) or crema (for you coffee dirnker) or foam (for you uncultured) on top that is so fluffy and creamy, and the cocoa is so rich and chocolatey, you just won't believe you can make cocoa this good at home. Almost every night now, my family whips up a batch before bed. And it's not even really winter yet!

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I heard on the news Wednesday night that a mug of hot chocolate a day makes a great anti-oxidant. It also helps with the anti-aging process.

Posted by Lisa @ 11/13/2003 03:02 PM EST

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