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11/21/2003 Entry: "The Christmas List"

It's come to my attention that some people could use some hints on what I might like for Christmas. Well, in addition to what's on my Amazon Wish List (linked all the time on the right hand side there), here are some other ideas.


8" Zildjian Splash

Nice chimes. (My sister bought me a set one year for Christmas. Unfortunately, I lent them to a school, and they were stolen.)

Cheap drum heads for my road kit.

A new wallet.

A fountain pen. If this particular model, the Tangerine color is cool. Not really particular about brand, but not something too small.

Speaking of tangerine, how about a Gretsch Broadkaster Be-Bop set in burnt orange lacquer? Maybe that's a little high on the price scale...

Grey, black, and blue socks. (No link provided, as I bet you all know what those are. I'm all set on socks in the brown/tan color family, thanks.) Boxers with buttons on the fly. (Gotta be careful with a little girl in the house!) A big terry bathrobe.

A corner chair has been on the list for awhile. Also, a wingback chair. I have a very informal home, but my tastes run towards very formal furniture.

How about a bright purple double breasted zoot suit?

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Nice choice on the splash, i'm surprised you've waited so long for it :)

Posted by Groovemaster @ 11/24/2003 11:42 AM EST

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