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11/24/2003 Entry: "Susan's New Coat"

Remeber how I waxed rhapsodic a bit ago about Susan's toggle coat? Well, this weekend we went to a Burlington Coat Factory to see if they had a toggle coat like her old one. They didn't. But, like the story of the old coat, we did find one coat, all by its lonesome. No others like it. It was the last of its kind. It was on sale, even. And, it was her size, too. Sound familiar? One coat, all alone, none like it, just her size, and on sale? So, I plunked down some money I'd been saving from drum lessons, and bought her this nice plum coat, with black velvet trim. It even has a hood she can wear in full jedi mode. This coat was made for her. And I didn't think much of the color until she put it on. Now, I think it particularly suits her.

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