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12/15/2003 Entry: "Babies and Quizes"

Not All Americans are Stupid
Some quiz I stole from Ron.
"You answered 17 questions correctly out of 20." One's I missed? The Iraq boarder one, the WWII Luftwaffe question, and the capital of Australia. Incidentally, I took the quiz again to find the third question I missed (I couldn't remember the Australia question), and the questions were different.

For those who asked (read: Dad), Elisabeth will be spelled with an S, not a Z. Why? Well, because in the King James, Elisabeth is spelled with an S, as is the Elisabeth in the Counting Crows song. Both S's. Thus, a z-less Elisabeth.

For fun, here are some song lyrics to other names I like:
( I also like this from Gabriel: Luke 1:19--"I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God.")

Anyone like the logo change? Festive, no?

Replies: 4 people have rocked the mic!

I like it better with the 's'. I do hope that the tide doesn't change and go in favor of Prudence or Marigold. However, I will love her even if her name is snapdragon.

Posted by Dad @ 12/16/2003 07:19 AM EST

I also like Snapdragon, it is decided then; Prudence Snapdragon Batty.

Posted by Paddy @ 12/16/2003 10:58 AM EST

An apostrophe does NOT mean, "Look out! Here comes an S!"

Posted by Wendy @ 12/16/2003 04:33 PM EST

Um, Wendy...


Posted by BR @ 12/16/2003 04:42 PM EST

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