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12/23/2003 Entry: "My Sick Day"

I was feeling a little frazzled today, and I had some sick time left, so I took it. Next week, everyone's out of the office, so I figured if I didn't use it today, I'd probably lose it. I came home, ate some lunch, and was about to take a nap when...

Julia, the flower of loveliness, asked if I would play outside with her. Susan wasn't feeling well either, so I popped some ibprofen, and outside we went. The original idea was to play "hunters." We set up a football on the picnic table, and proceeded to "shoot" it with snow balls. Julia then had this great idea about making a tunnel in the snow. Let me tell you, Mr. Man, when I was a kid, I built some wicked tunnels, castles, igloos, and forts. And now was the time to pass that knowledge down.

Of course, it's been a while since we had a good snow. The pile is really quite small. But since Julia is a peanut anyway, we were able to get a tunnel big enough for her to get through.

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