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01/07/2004 Entry: "Martini"

Talk at the shop today turned towards martinis. Why? I shall tell you anon. In any event, Paddy and I discussed the perfect martini, much as we discussed the perfect patty melt. Allow me to discuss our findings. We both agree that vodka in a martini is right out. You can drink vodka and vermouth all you want, and that's fine by me. But it's not a martini. A true martini must contain an olive. Paddy allows for a twist. I'm ok with that. I myself have been know to order a Gibson--a martini with an onion instead of an olive. We agree that the finished product should be dry. How dry? We differ a bit here. I say that there are occasions (very rare) where you can dismiss the vermouth all together. Straight gin with an olive. Not a true martini, but it can be good. Don't try this with an inferior gin! My gin of choice is Bombay Saphire. When you drink as many martinis a year as I do (read: less than a dozen), you can afford to splurge on the good stuff. I also like Tanqueray, though not as much. Tanqueray for me makes the superior gin and tonic--very refreshing in summer months. My Bombay never sees tonic. To be honest, I've never tried Beefeater. I have, sadly, had Fleishmans gin in the back of the Blind Albert R/v with Woodstove. That was an experience. Never buy gin from a company that also makes whiskey, bourbon, and whatever other spirit you need. Stick to the specialists.

Usually, I use the method that Paddy uses, sort of. He uses an "in and out" technique: vermouth goes in the shaker with ice, gets a quick shake, and goes out. I do the same, but put the vermouth in the chilled glass, then out. So it's in and out, just different real estate. We do come to a difference in the olives. I like 3 olives with pimento. He's a one olive no pimento guy. I like my olives skewered. It's like a little snack with your drink. He likes his olive free range. Paddy goes so far as to call my 3 olive martini "dirty." To me, a dirty martini has brine from the olive jar poured in. The number of olives doesn't determine dirtiness--it's wheter or not you use the olive juice.

Now, to the homestead to make with the shakin'!

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So my 1st reply to one of your blogs is going to be in response to a post about alcohol.
Having never had a Martini I am clueless as to what makes a "good" Martini but if they are anything like sandwiches, its always better when made by someone else!

By the way, whats the deal with the whole 'shaken not stirred' request. My drinking days have been few & far between and mostly consisted of what one might refer to as 'chick beer' (Zima or some other non alcohol tasting beverage) or that time I did shots of G.S. on my 21st birthday.

Give me unsweetened unspiked ICED TEA anyday.... With a shot of lemon please :-)

Recently my roomie introduced me to Captian & Sprite, Yummy! She is a fan of mixed drinks. I too am a fan but the drink usually says Kool-aid or Crystal Light on the bottle

Posted by Melanie @ 01/07/2004 10:46 PM EST

Gonna have to be with Mel on this one. I find no glory in the alcohol culture at all. That is just me though. To each his own I guess.

You have a lot of really great thoughts on your faith. I would love to see more posts on that. Consider that a request.

Posted by Jim @ 01/08/2004 01:52 AM EST

Jimmy don't even drink "chick beer." He gets his kicks from an MLT, you know, when the mutton is nice and lean ...

Posted by Paddy @ 01/08/2004 09:01 AM EST

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