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01/09/2004 Entry: "Cold Hi-Fi Lunch"

Pacos Tacos. Chicken burrito. Yummy!

Temperature this morning? 6.6 degrees. Yet of feels warmer than yesterday since the wind isn't blowing as much as yesterday.

I hooked up the DVD/S-VHS unit last night. Remeber how I mentioned that everyone complained about the inputs not summing--the DVD video output was different from the VHS video output. And how I remarked that they're basically two different machinces, with two different sets of outputs, so they really shouldn't sum. Well, the machine I bought does. And you know what? It stinks. Why? Well, this one player now uses only one input on my receiver. That's ok. But audio output from VHS is analog, and audio output for Dolby Digital Surround from a DVD is digital. It just makes it that much harder to make the receiver do what you want. With two seperate machines, I could set the DVD input on the receiver to always use digital audio, and the VCR input to always use analog. Now, there's a bit of button jockeying to be done. For me it's no big deal, but ease of use has gone down for the family. (Also, I don't like the silver color.)

There are some good points, though. My old Toshiba used to briefly mute the digital audio outputs. That means if you started a film mid-chapter, it would take a second for the sound to come on. This machine doesn't do that. Also, the VCR quality is nice, but you'd expect that from an S-VHS VCR. All in all, I'm happy with it. Of course, I've only used it since last night. I'll do an update as nessecary.

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