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01/10/2004 Entry: "Drums and Quizes, what else?!"

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You wanna talk drums? Iím sure you do. First off, Slingerland is back in production. Slingerland used to be quite a company, having both Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa. They went out of business in the 80s sometime. Then, in the early 90s, they came back, offering really nice drums in a couple of lines ranging from mid level lacquered kits to real high end stuff. Then out of business again. Somewhere in here, the name was sold to Gretsch. So, say mid 90s, Gibson buys the name from Gretsch, and puts out some really high end stuff from a plant in Nashville. Theyíre so high end, they donít really penetrate the market. There are only so many people looking to pay $4k for a drum kit. (How many drum kits have I owned? The most expensive was a little less than $2k, and I still have it.) So of course, they go under. Those Nashville drums are still sought, and command a high price. Fast forward to today. Promotional materials provided to potential vendors said ďBuddy Kit with hardware lists for $6800, and the GK set lists for $7000Ö most expensive drums in industry, and worth it. Handcrafted--no two sets are exactly alike, however all are incredibly high quality--not meant for everyone." Hardly meant for anyone! Who is this going to appeal to? Certainly not up and coming drum buyers. No, this is going to be for those older players who have the nostalgia and the cash. I wonít be in the market for one.

Speaking of drum lines bought back from the dead, Gretsch has brought back the Leedy drum name. Just snares right now. Iíve never owned a Leedy, but would like too. Most notably, the Broadway Standard remains closest to the original. The Elite Standard has a modern throw-off and die-cast hoops that the originals didnít. The brass drums have the X lug (as there appears to be an X in the casting) which I donít care for, as well as the modern strainer. The black brass drum is authentic looking, but I donít care for those lugs.

And speaking of Gene and Buddy and SlingerlandÖ Buddy Rich throughout his career played many different brands of drums. He was one of the first drummer to demand cash as well as free instruments for his endorsement. He played Gretsch, Slingerland, WFL, Ludwig (two stints with Ludwig the Ludwig family there) and Vox. If the yearly cash payments didnít suit him, he moved on. And hey, he was good enough to ask and receive it, and providers were willing to pay it, so it worked, apparently. But Buddy is known in the music world as being a big pain in the arse as a band leader.

Gene Krupa, on the other hand, is always remembered as a real class act, and a true gentleman. He played Slingerland throughout his career.

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I am a reincarnated doughnut!

Doughnut--I am loyal, friendly, and fun-loving. With my kind and caring nature making me an idea person to talk to. I also have the mental capacity of my confectionery. Luckily, however, my single-figure IQ is usually overlooked in favor of my warm and sweet demeanor which will always have people coming back for me.

Reincarnation--I am nice enough to go to heaven, but earth wouldn't be as fun without me. As a real optimist and lighthearted person, I always see the good in things. People probably respect me for my wonderful personality and love for life. People like me make the world a happier place.

I'm so thankful I know where I'm really going--heaven!! Yahoo!

Posted by Lisa @ 01/10/2004 05:27 PM EST

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