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01/17/2004 Entry: "Worked on a drum"

I worked on restoring the drums Chick gave. Take a look at the result. Big difference in person--not as noticable on camera. I've always wanted to do "as found" and "as finished" on the drums I work on. I never remember ro do that. Well, now I have one, at least. (I wish I had a shot of Big Pink as she was in Chuck's garage. You would never believe it's the same set.)

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Make room for "Howie."

Posted by Paddy @ 01/18/2004 06:39 PM EST

I was first introduced to the Ghost Pedal while in college 1962 by a girlfriend from Springfield, OR whom was given the pedal by Mr. Ramsey, while she was a drummer in high school there. It was my main pedal while playing professionally on the road for four years. While passing thru Springfield about 1967, I stopped and had a wonderful visit with Mr. Ramsey in his home shop. He had several of his first efforts on the shelf, showing the development of his pedal. As well as I can remember the story, he was on a ship nicknamed The Ghost,(it might have been the Blue Ghost) I'm sorry I don't remember the ship's name. He "played around" in the machine shop designing and building the pedal for a drummer on the ship. I left my original pedal with him for reconditioning, and bought a new one from him to use. He took a pedal apart and showed me how it was put together. He was a gentleman of the old school, the afternoon with him lives in my memory forever, just wish I had made notes at the time. He mailed the reconditioned pedal to me, I think I was in Great Falls, Montana at the time, and it was smoother than the new one I had and remained my no. 1 pedal for ten years. I traded it to a drummer friend who just told me he had given it to his son with a drum set some years ago. Now my friend wants to buy my other ghost, but I won't part with it. I still play professionally, just a couple weekends a month now, in Elks Lodges in Portland, OR. I have a set of Allegra Drums, made in Portland, OR, they are the best sounding drums I have ever had, and I have played them all. My picture was in the Pearl Drum Catalog 1975-1978 as an endorsing artist. I was working 5-6 nights a week in night clubs in Portland at that time, and taught at 4 music stores, had 40-50 students a week. I enjoy your page.
Dick Allen

Posted by Dick Allen @ 01/20/2004 07:34 PM EST

Billy, Just came across your web site while I'm waiting for my wifes car to be fixed at the local ford dealer. As someone that is also a vintage drum collector and player I thought I should at least say Hi. I live in MA, but travel to ME once or twice a month on biz.
I always have my 1965 Ludwig coctail drum set with me and have used it to play blues jams in Waterville, Auburn and an open mike in Portland over the last few months. I collect Ludwig gold sparkle drums keystone badge, 1959-69. I now have 11 different model snare drums, 3 complete different drum sets, bongos, conga drum and a covered throne besides the cocktail drum. Let me know if there is any chances of sitting in anywhere in your area during the week. I'll be up that way sometime next month. Don't ever get rid of your WFL set, you'll regret it. Dave

Posted by Dave Randall @ 01/26/2004 09:27 AM EST

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