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01/22/2004 Entry: "Tamas for Trade? No!"

We had a brief discussion at the office today about my drum habit, and how it will now die until the twins are paid for. Jim joked about me selling drums as a way to pay for things. Sad part is, I only have two drum kits left I can sell. I can't sell the WFLs; they're the first set I ever played! I can't sell my Tamas; they're my pride and joy. (And, they took many years to purchase. I don't normally buy $2000 drum sets. Nor will I be any time soon.) And I can't sell the set Chick gave me. So that leaves two available: Big Pink and a set of black Pacifics. The Pacifics used to be my road/rental kit. But since I got Big Pink, they just sit in the garage. So those could go. But not Big Pink! I just love him too much. (For some reason, I think Big Pink is masculine. Why a little tiny drum set in pink sparkle would strike me as being a he, I have no idea. But he is a he.)

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Don't you sell a gosh darned thing you little mongrel! Except maybe the Pacifics, but really, what would they bring?!

Posted by Paddy @ 01/22/2004 08:56 PM EST

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