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01/23/2004 Entry: "A long seven months lay ahead"

Quite a bit of nervousness last night. Susan had some thin discharge. Of course, vanishing twin syndrome has been on my mind, and sometimes a discharge preceeds that. So we got real nervous. We went to the doctors today, and everyhing is ok. I asked the Dr. about VTS, and she helped put my mind at ease a little. Then they did something really nice for us--they squeezed us in for a quick ultrasound. Two kids still in there. The ultrasoundologist (or whatever) said heartbeats were good, sacs were good, plenty of fluid, good brakes, and cervix was recently refurbished, so that's all ok. Put if you're the praying type, please remember Susan and I over the next months. Problems with babies happen, and when it's twins, problems can go up exponentially. In fact, they say we're going to have a sonagram every month--most moms get 2 or 3. That way, they can keep close tabs on everything.

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We have prayed for you guys three times today, not counting the silent ones. We love you. Trust the Lord and all be right.

Posted by Mom and Dad @ 01/23/2004 10:07 PM EST

I don't pray, as I am a heathen, but I'll get my Mom on it right away. Love to you both ... and Julia too.

Posted by Paddy @ 01/23/2004 11:18 PM EST

I definately will and I am sure Mel will follow suit. Each week in my Sunday school class we seem to have a Batty update. You guys are popular in there. I will let the group know. Some wonderful people in there who would love to pray for you.

I will also mention it to my mother who is on the prayer chain.

Posted by Jim @ 01/24/2004 01:55 PM EST

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