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02/04/2004 Entry: "Thinking of Warmer Days"

I woke up this morning (buh ba-da ba-dum) around 3. It was raining out. Raining in February in Maine is odd. "Must be warm" I thought. Sure 'nuff, it was. I got thinking about warmer days, and how maybe I should make a little quiz so you all can think about warmer days too. You can take it here. Paddy called it "the wife quiz," as in answers only my wife will know. Not true! Jim's taken it already, and he got 8 right! So why don't you try it, and think about spring/summer for a while...

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Jim will make a fine wife someday ...

Posted by Paddy @ 02/04/2004 10:53 PM EST

Cool I beat out your dad & I hardly know you. Guess all Jims bragging has paid off.

Actually I cheated a bit I had accidently shut the window & knew some of the answers when I retook the test. Initially I had gotten all but one wrong three quarters of the way through.

Posted by Mely Mel @ 02/04/2004 11:15 PM EST

I was really suprised by a few of your answers--For example the question about your favorite place to swim and your favorite summer cruiser. Oh well, even after 15 years I guess I still have a lot to learn!

Posted by beloved @ 02/05/2004 12:57 PM EST

Thanks for the flattering words.
Ten years goes by quickly. I write magagine articles about the environment, plus human interest stories and features. (You can see some of my work in the current (02.04) Portland Magazine, Maine Times Magazine, Discover Maine Magazine, and Fish and Wildlife Magazine. Things are busy. Published more than 20 articles in the last six months.
Andy and I have a precious 4-year old, Max (see

Give my best to Sue.

Pat Friedman

Posted by Pat Friedman @ 02/14/2004 01:46 PM EST

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