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02/10/2004 Entry: "Dad got me money for his birthday"

Happy birthday to my Dad. A better father you could not ask for. What I've learned from him as a human is invaluable.

I found yet another person linking back to me! Check out Isn't the Light OK?. Andrew is another Christian musician here in Maine. How he found me is unknown. Looks like another site I'll have to check out frequently.

Here's something "strange" that's happened to me over the last week. Two people who owed me money from DJ gigs paid up. One of them owed me the money for almost a year. Both of them I had pretty much written off. Then out of the blue, the pay up. Anyone been praying I might receive some extra cash?

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Yep, I did. First time I've prayed in over twenty years. I wanted to try it out on something minor, so I picked "money that Bill is owed" for a subject to see how it would turn out. Next, I am trying "Thompson's hair regrowing. Look out Jim, you be shaggy soon!

Posted by Paddy @ 02/11/2004 11:03 AM EST

Hey..thanks for checking out the site. :) I found you in a search for Maine bloggers, and I've been visiting your page (intermittently) for a few months. It's always nice to come across another New Englander on the web. (Of course, the music thing is an added bonus, too).

Posted by andrew @ 02/11/2004 02:44 PM EST

Paddy, you probably did not clearly specify in your prayer WHERE the hair would grow back....

Posted by jp @ 02/11/2004 10:42 PM EST

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