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02/18/2004 Entry: "Crazy Dreams Redux"

Susan prompted me on the other weird dream I had the other night. I dreamt that Midcoast Internet stopped selling Internet. Instead, we bought the building that is now home to Rocky Bay Brewery, and turned it into a gas station. All the staff were the same, though, only we sold gas. So Im there one afternoon, alone. It seems Jim went to help a customer, and wasnt around. Ron left for lunch, and never came back. So there I am alone, and the phone is ringing off the hook, and people are honking for their gas. Im yelling to general manager Mike that I could really use some help. So he comes and helps me man the gas pumps. He has no idea either where anyone is. Then, this really snooty couple pulls up in their Corvette.

Were here to pick up our car, they say. We left it here, and Barrys been working on it.
Im sorry, I say, but Barrys not here. Which car is yours?

It turns out their car is still in the bay, under some faded green canvas car cover. So I pull back the cover to reveal a 1963 Corvette Stingray convertible.

Oh, you guys own two corvettes.
Oh yes, the woman replies. We have lots of money. And its very important we have this back this weekend.
Im not sure its ready. I say.
Well, we need it. Its very important. You see, we have a full size working snow-speeder, you know, like in The Empire Strikes Back? Anyway, we fly them on our own private course, and we have some friends bringing their ships over this weekend, and we need the Corvette to impress them.

The end.

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