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03/30/2004 Entry: "Government"

Eminent Domain has reared its head at the Batty household. The state and the town have decided rename some streets. As such, the 1A bypass that is south of my home will now be to the north. That means all the signs that are currently on the opposite side of the street are now moving to my side. A state employee came to the door yesterday at lunchtime. He showed me where, according to Federal guidelines, the sign should be: right smack dab in the middle of my front lawn. He came to the door to deal with me. He understood that homeowners don't want a sign on their front lawn, and asked me where it could be acceptable to both of us. We reached a compromise. Not that I'm going to like it there, but hey, things change, and that's the way it is. I must as well accept it. I suppose I could fight it, but hey, it's a sign. And like I have time to try and rid myself of it. So instead, by the end of next week, up it goes.

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