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04/13/2004 Entry: "Bank of America Sucks, and Lightning for my Beloved"

"More people are killed by lightning (about 1,000 a year worldwide) than in any other kind of storm, including hurricanes and tornadoes. "


"The chances of being struck by lightning in the United States is 1 in 600,000, but people can reduce those odds by avoiding the most dangerous activities associated with lightning strikes... taking a shower; talking on a conventional telephone..."

Yeah, I'll be giving those up soon.

About 75-100 of those are in the US, mostly Florida (sorry Maria and Melanie!).
In June of 2001, I posted a page about Bank of America, and why I will never do business with them again. For $12.78, I swore revenge. While looking at my stats today, I noticed something unusual. That page has been getting a lot of hits this year. Last year, it averaged about 150 hits a month or so. For this year, we got 343 hits in January, 468 hits in February, 664 hits in March, and this month, which is only half over, we've got 830 hits already! About 5,500 hits on that page, all over $12.78 worth of poor customer service. That's 2/10s of a cent per hit! They should've given my $12.78 back.

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What is to gain through revenge?

Posted by Jim @ 04/13/2004 10:26 PM EST

The same thing that is gained by telling people about the bad service at the Wal-Mart layaway department.

Posted by BR @ 04/14/2004 08:57 AM EST

Brother... I wasn't trying to cast a stone. I am also not swearing revenge. "For $12.78, I swore revenge."

I am no judge and no moral superior to anyone. We all say and do things we later regret and that includes me. I hope as my brother in Christ you would see my comment for what it was and not for a jab that required a jab back. I am sorry you took it that way.

If you see me doing something or saying something that you think might be a little off in a spiritual sense then please do bring it up to me. I invite you to do so. I have always felt that way and the few times you have done that I have taken it seriously and with respect.

Posted by Jim @ 04/14/2004 11:19 PM EST

I am also not swearing revenge. "For $12.78, I swore revenge."

Hyperbole: A figure of speech in which exaggeration is used for emphasis or effect

I didn't really "swear revenge." I think you may be taking this a little too seriously. Just as you tell friends about bad service you receive from a store, I'm letting people know about bad service I received from a bank.

As for you not meaning your first comment as a "jab," perhaps a different phrasing might have been in order. Such a short comment sounds like it's made to be slighting.

Posted by BR @ 04/15/2004 08:39 AM EST

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