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04/14/2004 Entry: "Thanks Dad"

My Dad's been thinking about a new car. He doesn't really like his mini-van that much. I mean, he likes it ok, but it's no Lincoln. And I, of course, am looking for a mini-van. So he had this idea: he would trade in Sue's Escort, give us the mini-van, and we'd make up the difference in the trade-in value. (The van is worth more than the '93 Escort>) But we thought we'd look around anyway. There a couple of little things wrong with the mini-van--nothing major mechanically, just weird stuff. So we'd thought we'd shop around. (We haven't had much luck)

Dad called the other night and talked with Susan. "Just wanted to make sure you didn't want the van" he said. Or at least, that's how Sue understood it.

He stopped by the office today. Dad wanted to talk to me. He explained that he kinda got the vibe that Susan wasn't understanding him. He wanted to give us the mini-van. Straight out. No trade thing, just a gift to the twins.

How could you ask for better parents than what I got?

This helps out immensly, of course. With the money saved, I can buy a vehicle for myself, and pay off the one credit card we have left. I can then sell the truck, and maybe get enough to pay for the deductable for the twins. It really helps out, and is a sure answer to prayer.

Thanks Mom and Dad!

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Time to purchase ...




Posted by Paddy @ 04/14/2004 09:48 PM EST

Oh, by the way. This mini-van probably more than makes up for the mini-bike you didn't get.

Posted by Paddy @ 04/14/2004 09:50 PM EST

That, is awesome.

Posted by mlg @ 04/15/2004 08:53 AM EST

That is wonderful!!! What great parents you have!!! cool eh?

Posted by Maria @ 04/16/2004 02:18 PM EST

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